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July 2018: No Support for Internet Explorer

Digital Measures is no longer supporting Internet Explorer. We recommend that you choose a different browser when using the system.

July 2018: New Navigation

Digital Measures has released a new navigation system for Activity Insight. The menu has moved from the left sidebar to the top banner. You can find the same utilities, like Run Reports, at the top of your screen. If you're looking for the help button, click the question mark icon:

New Help

March 2018: Importing Publications

It's annual review season. For some, this is their first time using the system, and others have become old pros. To limit frustration in entering your data, we suggest that you follow these tips:

1. Import your publications! You don't need to manually enter your publications. To import your publication, open the publications screen and click the import button:


You can either import your publications using a BibTex file or you can search using a third party (see the FAQs for step by step instructions).

2. Use duplicate! Many faculty engage in similar activities throughout the year. Do you attend the same academic conference, participate in yearly panel? You can duplicate your original entry and change the date and location fields. The example below comes from a user's Faculty Development Activites screen:


3. Select a name from a dropdown, don't enter it manually! Mercer faculty are loaded in the system, so you don't need to type in someone's name as a collaborator, simply select her/him (or yourself) from the dropdown.



4. Dates are important! If you have an on-going activity you need only enter the start date. If it's a one day activity, you need only enter the end date, so don't waste your time entering both start and end dates for single day events.

5. Call for help! Contact Ellen Byron ( for help. She can often make your data entry easier.