Steering Committee

Activity Insight is being implemented by a project team working in concert with a university steering committee. Dr. Susan Malone serves as the Team Leader, and she is assisted by Ellen Byron. For questions about the system in general, please contact either Susan or Ellen (see below). For questions specific to your college, please contact your unit's steering committee member:

Steering Committee

Jeff Denny - College of Liberal Arts (x5981)

Steven McClung - Stetson School of Business and Economics (x5597)

Scott Schultz - School of Engineering (x2840)

Kelly Reffitt - Tift College of Education (x5389)

Rich Kosowski - Townsend School of Music (x4167)

Suneetha Manyam - College of Professional Advancement (x2850)

Scott Titshaw - Walter F. George School of Law (x2492)

Graham Walker - James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology (x6027)

Marie Dent - School of Medicine (x8148)

Gina Ryan - College of Pharmacy (x6222)

Cindy Rubenstein - Georgia Baptist College of Nursing (x6733)

Leslie Taylor - College of Health Professions (x6167)

Kim Eccles - Division of Library Services (x6271)

Susan Codone - Center for Teaching and Learning (x4185)

Project Team Leaders

Susan Malone - Institutional Effectiveness (x2233)

Ellen Byron - Institutional Effectiveness (x2450)

The project team also includes Sarah May, Cindy Glance,  Mickey Belote and Kirk Bay.