Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is a component of the Office of the Provost and includes the functions of assessment, institutional research, and planning. The office provides quality information and services to support planning, decision-making, accreditation, and assessment at all organizational levels. The office also satisfies reporting requirements of outside agencies and organizations.

About OIE

Provides a list of staff members and their contact information.


Lists the accrediting agencies that accredit Mercer's academic units and co-curricular programs.


Provides information about assessment data, student survey results, principles of good practice, resources, student information, terminology, and useful Web sites.

Institutional Research

Includes quick facts, common data sets, degrees awarded, enrollment data, freshman profile, headcount and student credit hours, MARS, and retention and graduation rates.

Program Review

Includes the review cycle and any forms needed for the review process.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness staff employed at Mercer University adhere to the Association for Institutional Research’s (AIR) Code of Ethics and Professional Practice policy.