Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) is a standard response to college guides and other surveys requesting information about Mercer University. The CDS, developed by data providers in the higher education community and publishers represented by the College Board, Peterson's and U.S. News and World Report,  provides a quick and easy way to find out basic information about Mercer’s traditional undergraduate student population and programs.

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 Mercer University has several distinct programs for undergraduate degree-seeking students: 

  1. The "traditional" program is offered on the original campus in Macon, Georgia; it is a daytime program geared toward traditional age, first-time college students. 
  2. Mercer offers an evening and weekend continuing education program geared toward adults held at off-campus centers around the state of Georgia. 
  3. The Atlanta Campus offers upper division undergraduate courses leading to a BBA in business. 
  4. The Georgia Baptist College of Nursing offers undergraduate nursing degrees in Atlanta. 

Responses to most sections are limited to Mercer's traditional undergraduate program because the information is most relevant to that population, and because policies, requirements, costs, and options vary by program.

In addition to undergraduate level offerings, programs at the graduate and professional level are offered.  For additional information on Mercer's academic programs, visit  For enrollment, demographic and degree information by college and program, visit

In you have questions or need addtional information please contact Learty L. (Troy) Shaw ( or 478-301-2413) or Cindy Glance ( or 478-301-2473).